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About Sarah

Wedding Coordinator. Beauty & Skincare Enthusiast. Bride Extraordinaire.

I’m glad you’re here. 


Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m one of the lucky ones who has known what I wanted to be when I "grow up" since I was 16. I was sitting in In-n-Out with my mom (as we often did on weekends when I was younger, usually accompanied by a shopping trip) talking about college applications. She asked me if I had thought about the major I wanted to study in college. Truthfully, I had no idea and I actually have my mom to thank for planting the event planning seed in my head. I’ve always been hyper-organized like her, but also a natural creative type. Event planning seemed to blend those things perfectly. 


After completing a hospitality & tourism undergrad program, I’d spent countless hours working in catering and hotels, and many weekends interning and learning from some of the best wedding planners in San Diego. Fast forward to late 2019, I had finished planning my own wedding and shortly after, I booked my first wedding to coordinate on my own! I created the timelines, organized vendor communications and delivered a magical wedding day. I ended that night on such a high note and I couldn't wait to get more weddings under my belt! Then, well… 2020 really put a damper on things. I had big dreams that I designed and journaled in January which collected dust in a moving box for the entire year.  Instead of sitting back and waiting for weddings and events to return back to normal, I’ve decided to share my experiences with planning my own wedding as a self-proclaimed “bride extraordinaire,” as well as tips on how to plan yours and any other goodness I want to put out into the world. 


Want to learn more? Send me a note!

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