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Welcome to The Blushing Blog

What's in a name?

Blushing Bride /bluh·shuhng brīd/ noun

A bride on their wedding day or just before or after the event, flush and glowing with excitement, anticipation, and love for their spouse-to-be.

Blushing Blog /bluh·shuhng blawg/ noun

A collection of web entries detailing experiences, thoughts and advice on the topics of wedding planning, trends and best practices, as well as beauty and skincare tips.

Bride in white robe smiling and looking down

I started The Blushing Blog to serve as a creative outlet for my two biggest passions in life: weddings and beauty. In a past internet life, I was among the first group of teenage "beauty gurus" on YouTube, uploading makeup and fashion hauls, tutorials, and "What's In My Purse" videos for my nearly 40,000 subscribers in 2009. YouTube was a wonderful place back then, but as it began to stray away from its original community of creators and I grew further into my high school years, I left that world behind. I am making my return to the internet now, as a wedding coordinator. I still have an interest in all things makeup and skincare, and created this space to bring these two interests together since they often work hand in hand!

Weddings tend to focus on the "aesthetics." The most beautiful flowers. The most beautiful wedding dress. I wanted to look my best at my wedding. This was going to be one of the best days of my life and I would look at these photographs forever! Of course I feel more confident in a perfectly altered dress with professional hair and makeup than in yesterday's sweats with day four hair and a bare face.

At the end of the day, I feel most confident when I'm prepared.

I'm in control of the situation (like Yelping a restaurant's menu ahead of time or stalking the location's tag on Instagram to see what other people have worn) so I'm not stressed about what to expect. I've allowed enough time to get ready and pick a great outfit. I commit to skincare routines and do extensive research on the products I use and their ingredients.

I love being able to share my experience planning my wedding and helping other brides prepare for their big day. From budgeting to facials, painstakingly designing every aspect of décor and every minute of the timeline, I'm spilling it all so I can help you feel a little more prepared. A little more confident. A little more beautiful.

Sarah Soldau is a Southern California based wedding coordinator, specializing in wedding management (also known as day-of coordination). Her goal is to educate and empower couples to be confident and in control of planning their own dream wedding day, and then actually enjoy it! As a “bridal cheerleader,” she is her couples’ biggest advocate on their wedding day and leaves no detail unnoticed. By sharing her own experiences in wedding planning, as well as her love of makeup and fashion on The Blushing Blog, she hopes to leave the world with a little more love and beauty. Head to the Contact page to learn more about services and pricing.


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